Home Safety: Security Devices for Home

Unauthorized break-ins, vandalism and unexpected home disasters – these are what every homeowner’s nightmares are made of. Sadly, these are just some of them because there could actually be more and they could be much worse that you can expect.

Having said this, I would like to formally welcome you to this site which I dedicate to all homeowners out there who are continuously making efforts in optimizing their home’s safety and security. 

The reason why I created this website is to generate awareness about the importance of home security. Based on my own personal experiences, once home security has been violated, it would be extremely hard to regain your peace of mind.

The incident could leave you feeling uneasy, worried and paranoid for a long time. For this reason, it is important to never ignore the possibility of unforeseen events that could happen when you least expect it.

And as a homeowner, it is our responsibility to protect our homes by investing in some products and tools that can add up to home security.

Recount of Personal Experience

Two years ago, my family and I went on a trip out of the country. It was a highly-anticipated vacation and we all left in high spirits.

Vandalized property damage
Vandalized property damage

I made sure to do all necessary precautions like making sure that all doors were locked, the main water source was closed, appliances are unplugged and everything else was secured.

Little did we know that Hurricane Irma was bound to hit our area while we’re away. 

And so the unforeseen happened, hurricane Irma spilled storm waters in our area. The damage across our region was beyond imaginable as flooded roads drained and downed trees and the power lines were cleared.

I watched in horror as numerous videos and images of water rising all over Southern Florida flooded the internet. I felt completely helpless and extremely worried about what was going on back home.

The sight of storm surge cascading through low-lying streets and establishments was enough to keep me worried and to spoil the fun in our vacation. 

The Aftermath of the Disaster

Hurricane Irma property disaster

When hurricane Irma hit our area, we still had a few more days left on our vacation. As much as I wanted to fly back home right away, it wasn’t possible at that time due to numerous flight cancellations and delays.

My family and I were left with no other choice but to endure the few more days until we can finally head back home and face the aftermath of the hurricane.

Fast forward to seeing the devastation for the first time, I was completely at a loss for words when I finally came face-to-face with the reality of the damages.

Our home had obviously endured the hurricane but it was left in a really bad condition. Some floodwater was still there and it drenched almost everything. It was musty, messy and apparently, desolate. The sight was more depressing than what we expected. 

Further adding insult to the injury was the realization that an unauthorized break-in also happened and they vandalized on our living room walls, destroyed our CCTV surveillance system and broke several glass windows.

The kitchen was ransacked and the bedrooms weren’t spared even though each door had been locked. Several items were taken by the intruders;

but fortunately, our safety box which contains everything that’s valuable and important was properly concealed and it remained intact. That was actually the silver lining amidst the dark clouds.

Hurricane Damage, Vandalism, and Theft: How to Deal with the Problems

Getting back on track and picking up the pieces of what’s left is perhaps the hardest thing to do after such unfortunate events. However, there were actually two silver linings – first, my family and I are all safe.

restoration home team
Restoration home team

And second, our most important valuables and documents are intact. These are enough to keep us going. At that point, it doesn’t make much sense to try to comprehend things or to wait until every detail finally sinks in.

I knew I had to move fast and take action to regain our peace of mind and sense of security. The process led me to several major decisions.

Consultation with a Public Adjuster

In such a stressful situation, I wanted to be spared from the hassle and tension of having to deal with my insurance provider in claiming for coverage.

consulting adjuster
Consulting adjuster

Through a friend’s recommendation, I immediately consulted a Public Adjuster Miami could offer. They reviewed and interpreted my insurance policy and offered me professional representation. This means that they would negotiate for the maximum coverage on my behalf.

The best part of the deal is that I don’t need to pay for any outright fees. I’ll pay them only when I get paid by my insurance provider. And that puts one problem down.

Home Restoration

I began to set things in motion without wasting time. As soon as the investigation, assessments and estimates were done, I started working on our home’s restoration.

Since I don’t have much time in my hands, I needed a fast and efficient team to handle the job. I hired specialists to rely on because they quoted a far more affordable service.

One thing I learned is that Fort Lauderdale resources cost far less than those found in Miami.

The team of specialists took care of the entire process from restoration all the way to sanitation. Soon enough, traces of the disasters were all eliminated. And that solves yet another problem. 

Finding a New Home

The final step was the most crucial decision. I decided to sell our newly-restored home fast. As much as it holds a lot of fond memories, the unauthorized break-in tainted my peace of mind.

If it were only for the flood damage, I would consider staying longer. However, theft and vandalism were entirely different stories. I never had any second thoughts when I started doing my Miami real estate search. More than anything, I wanted my family to be safe from intruders, i was able to find this website because a friend of mine seo Miami suggest that property search to use.

Our house may have been our home for several years, but our privacy had already been violated by unknown people. Therefore, finding a new home was the safest option for us.

A New Beginning

The moment we stepped into our new home, I knew that was the first step towards regaining our sense of security. It was an entirely new chapter for all of us.

We had to make some major adjustments and create new memories again; but I knew it was worth the move.

And as for my part as the head of the family, I’ve decided to level up our new home’s security features even adding some emergency chat lines to connect immediately with a friendly agent that can help me solve future problems.

By doing everything within my means to prevent intruders from destroying what I’ve worked so hard to establish.