About PAR

My name is Spencer Brennan, I’m 46 years old and I’ve been married for 13 years now. My wife and I are raising 3 wonderful kids and I can say that we have a blissful family life. We started our family in Fort Lauderdale and just two years back, we decided to move to Miami.

It was a major decision we had to make due to some unforeseen incidences. Still, despite the challenges and setbacks, I still consider ourselves fortunate for being able to preserve our family’s safety, unity, and privacy. 

I opened this blog to share my personal experiences and to put emphasis on keeping our family’s safety first and on top of our priorities. We can always recover material losses but our safety and the protection of our loved ones are unquestionable and cannot be compromised or put at risk.

Therefore, I’m sharing through this website some information on how we can enhance our safety within our homes and how we can optimize the security of our property. 

I have gathered together some important elements that you might want to consider for your own homes. Based on experience, once the privacy of a home has been violated by intruders, it can no longer be considered 100% safe and secure.

As the proverbial saying goes; prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, don’t wait for unfortunate things to happen before paying attention to your home’s security. 

Based on statistics, 88% of unauthorized break-ins happen in residential areas and 51% are victims of repeat burglary which usually occurs in the first month following the initial incident.

These figures are what drove me to leave our Fort Lauderdale home and to move somewhere else where we can recover our peace of mind and sense of security. In my case, I’ve chosen Miami to become our new home.

Again, I would like to express to you my gratitude for chancing upon my site. I hope that I can share with you some more inputs on how we can further enhance home safety and security in order to protect our families and everything that we’ve worked hard for.