Home Door Alarms: Importance and Benefits

The Importance of Door Alarm in Your Home

Door alarms in your home are important in order to prevent unauthorized break-ins and to drive intruders away.

The last thing that you want to happen while you’re away is somebody breaking into your home, ransacking every room, and taking away valuable possessions.

What could be more devastating than coming home to a complete disaster with vandalized walls and your privacy extremely violated? Thus, I want to emphasize the importance of having door alarms installed in all your home’s entries.

How Door Alarms Work

home family alarms
Home family alarms

A door alarm is an adaptable shock sensor alarm that is suitable for homes. There are several types but most of the ones available can easily be installed. Some models can simply be hanged on doorknobs.

Once a door alarm is installed on your main door or another entryway, it can instantly pick up any vibration to activate the alarm. Once it trips, it’s going to produce warning sounds that are loud enough to distract and scare away the burglar or intruder.

The sound can even reach nearby houses especially in the middle of the night when it’s particularly quieter. The alarm can be scandalous enough to cause panic. The level of sensitivity can also be adjusted.

More advanced door alarms come in two types, wired and wireless. These alarms are equipped with a sensor and a magnet. The sensor is usually installed somewhere along with the door frame while the magnet is positioned on the door itself.

Once the alarm is programmed to alert the homeowners, the circuit that is connected by a magnetic current will be triggered in case of a forceful break-in. This will then send signals to the alarm panel.

Through this mechanism, opening and closing the door can actually alert the homeowner about the property intrusion.

Why You Should Install Door Alarms

To prevent crimes

Since the sound of door alarms is scandalous enough to startle and scare away the intruders, having them installed in your home can prevent the occurrence of crimes. The sound can further be adjusted to get the attention of your nearest neighbors and other people who happen to be passing by your property.

Discount on home insurance

Installation of door alarm systems is not just important in securing your home and property. It is likewise beneficial with regard to property insurance. Home insurance providers usually provide special discounts to properties that are equipped with working alarm systems because it significantly lowers the risk of robbery, intrusions, and unauthorized break-ins. Insurance providers take into consideration door alarms that are installed in garages, tool sheds, main doors, back doors, windows, and other major entryways.

An affordable way to protect your property

Door alarms produce a sound that’s between 110 and 120 decibels which are audible enough to cause panic and alert anyone who’s nearby. They serve as an efficient yet portable tool that can protect your home at a reasonable cost. Door alarms should actually be viewed as practical investments that can optimize the security within your home in addition to heavy-duty door locks and deadbolts to protect your assets, valuables, and life as well.

Advanced door alarms can serve a variety of purposes

More advanced models of door alarms are equipped with other features such as smoke and fire detectors. There are also some which can be connected to other security devices to synchronize their function in case of an intrusion.

Furthermore, as part of their alerting mechanism, they can trigger the automated lights within the property whenever the alarm takes off. 

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