Parent Aware Ratings

My name is Rebecca Telsa, a 43 year old mother of two kids.
ParentAwareRatings is a site to help parents with kids that are being curious about their sexual life.

Me and you, we all know how hard is for us to taught our kids about love, sex, and precautions in life.

In ParentAwareRatings we’re going to focus on how to help our childs to get over that phase of their life where they’re curious and we’re going to try to taught our kids what’s really love.

Love is gift is not a game.

As parents we need to aware our kids that woman or men are not just instruments that we can have love-fun with.

We all have feelings and we’re very sentimental, we’re going to try to get over this kids phase.

Solutions for Premature Sexual Curiosity

We’re going to focus on how to help our kids to get rid of their premature curiosity specially if they’re around the age of: 12-17

Lets help the future of our kids.